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Monday, February 13, 2017

Trade Game

Trade Economics Globalisation Business Geography Game

Despite what a certain President says, people have benefited greatly from Trade. This game teachers students how wealth and development can be created through trade. I use this as an introduction to globalization and trade (Business/Geography) or International Trade in Economics. It really demonstrates concepts of Comparative and Absolute Advantage.

Objective: Students will understand how nations and people can benefit from trade and using a trade strategy.

Overview: Students aim in this game is to make a Jam Sandwich. Each Group is given one resource (Jam, Butter, Bread, Plate, Knife, lollies or other resource that students may want but not need - extra dynamic!)

Divide the class into groups of 2-3. Give each group a resource.
Students are then to set up trading station and discuss strategy with their group.
Students can then move around the room and start trading until they have all the items to make sandwich (one person must stay at station)
Game ends when each group has successfully made sandwich (or half) - No one goes hungry with free trade : )
 Reflection Import and Exporting Winners and losers Absolute Advantage etc

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