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Monday, February 13, 2017

Paper Tower Business Management

Business Management Team Cohesion Innovation Problem Solving

 In groups students are challenged to build a tower as high as possible with limited resources.

Students will understand the functions of management and demonstrate management skills.

1 piece of paper per group

1. Split the class into groups of 4
2. Give each a piece of paper
3. Students are to select a leader with only nonverbal communication (silence) the leader then stands up.
4. Instruct students to remove everything from desks and to give the leader their pencil cases.
5. Leader is then to pick 3 items from pencil case (leader does not know purpose)
6. With the 3 resources the students are to construct a free standing paper tower as high as possible. 5minutes

What was the role of each team member?
How were decisions made?
Did the leader make good choices? How did this impact success/failure?
If you did activity again would you do it differently? How?
 Was it good to have a leader? Why?

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